Easy to Integrate Api's

Our Bulk sms API will be able to integrate with any data-base. We provide API's that have industry-standards.

Unique Algorithm

Our inimitable algorithm does all the math about time and ensures sure-shot delivery.

Personalize Your Messages

Use our mail-merge feature to add any custom fields of your contacts in the SMS text message. Zero software installs required!

Trusted by Leaders

We’ve got you covered. Our distributed software layer gives you the ability to reach everyone from the start.

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Explore Communication Building Blocks

Our platform is designed to provide most positive user experience possible, so we've put all essential information on our Dashboard.

Round The Clock Delivery

Our transactional messages are regardless of time constraints and deliver important info to your customers across all time zones globally.


Having unlimited sub-users option with various accessibility and administration permission levels, where you can easily manage who send what to whom or check history of activities. You simply have control over everything that happens on your main account. Simple and easy.

SMPP Infterface

Communication system used in SMPP allows to send SMS message without using handsets, GSM modems or SIM cards. SMPP systems allows to use a number of features not available for standard GSM devices i.e. alphanumeric sender names instead of standard phone numbers.